Quinn emanuel trial lawyers

Our Culture

Each year the firm hires:

  • Recent law school graduates
  • Judicial law clerks
  • Laterals


At Quinn Emanuel you will not have to wait 8 to 10 years to do interesting work.

You will meet clients to give them advice

not to sit and listen

You will go to court to argue

not to carry
someone's bags

You will attend depositions to examine witnesses

not to take notes

You will compete with your adversaries

not other lawyers
at the firm

Some of the best trial lawyers in the country will show you how to become a master of the courtroom. If you believe you have the potential to do these things before your peers, Quinn Emanuel is the place for you. Every year, a new cadre of gifted young lawyers with their pick of job offers makes Quinn Emanuel their first choice.


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  • Trial Lawyers,
    Not JUST Litigators


    It is an open secret that very few big United States law firms try many cases anymore. Quinn Emanuel does. Unlike most large corporate firms, we do not litigate cases for years only to settle on the courthouse steps. We try lots of cases—and win them. See a representative list of our notable trials and settlements. We are frequently brought in at the eleventh hour to replace existing counsel before trial (after they fail to obtain summary judgment) and in several cases even in the middle of trial. Once we took over a case three weeks into the trial—and won an

    $80 millionverdict.

    See a representative list of recent matters in which we have been substituted in as trial counsel.

  • Trial Lawyers,
    Not Bag Carriers


    Our emphasis is on quality, not quantity. We staff leanly. This means many of our associates get to work on trials.
    We try cases for some of the most successful companies in the world including:

    • Google
    • CNA
    • Micron
    • Samsung
    • Coca-Cola,
    • Morgan Stanley
    • SONY
    • Colgate-Palmolive
    • Northrop
    • HTC
    • Grumman
    • Symantec
    • Dow Chemical
    • Pfizer
    • Cisco
    • Genentech
    • Roche
    • Motorola
    • IBM
    • Home Depot
    • Seiko
    • Qualcomm
    • Epson
    • AIG
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • Shell Oil
    • American Express
    • Mattel
    • Chevron
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Zurich

    and many others. They hire us because they know that—unlike the "litigation departments" at most big firms—we try cases. They hire us because they like the work and the people they work with.

    There is no place for the rigid hierarchies and bureaucracies of more conventional law firms. We believe unnecessary rules stifle creativity and prevent motivated new lawyers from serving clients. Our lawyers expect to play a major role in significant cases—and we make certain that they do.

  • We WillTrain You
    - Really



    We believe it is imperative that our associates have opportunities for trial training and experience beginning as soon as they arrive at the firm. It is the firm's goal that every associate will have participated in a trial by the end of their third year. Here are some of our programs.

    Additional Associate In Trial

    The best way to learn how to try cases is to work on them. We place an additional junior associate on every trial and arbitration team—at no cost to the client. The additional associate is given an in-court role, for example, preparing and/or displaying graphics, reviewing deposition testimony, revising cross-examination outlines, managing exhibits and assisting the other team members with any other needed tasks.

    Rookie School

    Each office holds Quinn Emanuel "Rookie School" for the incoming first year associates.

    In-House Trial Advocacy Courses

    The firm offers associates three trial advocacy training programs taught by the best trial advocacy instructors in the country—our own partners. Many firm partners have taught advanced trial advocacy at law schools like Harvard, USC, Berkeley and Stanford. Others have taught the National Institute of Trial Advocacy ("NITA"), and in other programs such as the Attorney General's Advocacy Institute.

    Basic Trial Advocacy

    Using materials and mock case files from NITA, associates participate in a 50-hour program of demonstrations, lectures and practice exercises, which include extensive use of video review. This program culminates in a full-day mock trial using jurors hired by the firm. The participants try a case from voir dire to verdict.

    Advanced Trial Advocacy

    This program is offered in alternate years to all associates who have taken the basic trial advocacy course. As the name implies, this course focuses on other more complex areas of trials such as examining experts, controlling obnoxious witnesses and advanced use of graphics.

    Deposition Skills

    After completing the Basic Trial Advocacy course, associates participate in the firm's Deposition Skills program.

  • Pro Bono Work

    & Charitable Giving


    Quinn Emanuel is dedicated to providing pro bono legal services to individuals and organizations throughout the world. We seek out pro bono opportunities that will get associates hearing and trial experience. Up to 100 hours of pro bono work are counted towards bonuses based on billable hours. Associates are welcome to initiate pro bono projects, subject to obtaining partner approval and sponsorship.

    The firm has a longstanding relationship with Bet Tzedek Legal Services, Harvard Law School's Criminal Justice Institute, Public Counsel, and the Alliance for Children's Rights, among many other organizations, to provide a variety of pro bono legal services.

    Quinn Emanuel has provided pro bono legal services in a number of distinguished cases in a wide variety of subject areas. Click here if you would like to see examples.

    Quinn Emanuel also has a longstanding commitment to supporting meaningful causes around the world through its charitable foundation. Over the last 13 years, the firm has donated millions of dollars to a variety of causes, including natural disaster relief, cancer research, veterans services, legal aid services, violence intervention, and education. Click here to see examples of charitable projects in which the firm has been involved.

  • Quinn Emanuel
    Global Programs


    Our Global Experience program allows associates to get away from the office and work in an exciting new environment. Quinn Emanuel provides eligible associates with $2,000 to get them to any location they choose anywhere in the world for one week.  Different groups have chosen beach resorts in Turkey, Colombia and Hawaii. Participating associates are assigned to small travel groups of 6-10 members from multiple offices. This gives them the opportunity to get to know attorneys from other offices.

    • bigstock-Eiffel-Tower-at-evening-Paris-19479833.jpg
    • bigstock-Rialto-Bridge-at-Night-Venice-46075333.jpg
    • bigstock-Full-Sphynx-Profile-Pyramid-Gi-33106307.jpg
    • bigstock-Beautiful-summer-Alpine-Hallst-36146200.jpg
    • bigstock-Hassan-Ii-Mosque-In-Casablanca-50563052.jpg
    • bigstock-SYDNEY-AUSTRALIA--SEPT---S-50082113.jpg
    • bigstock-Villas-on-the-green-tropical-b-31795073.jpg
    • bigstock-White-architecture-of-Oia-vill-43878007.jpg

    Our Global Exchange program allows eligible associates to work out of another Quinn Emanuel office for two weeks.  The firm will provide up to $3,000 to help with travel and living expenses.  Participants have the chance to meet other attorneys, explore a new QE city, and build relationships with other offices.

    While the destination options are endless, there are some rules, including 24/7 connectivity and a full Monday through Friday work week.

  • Women
    Rise to the Top


    We are a meritocracy. Perhaps that is why so many women partners have
    leadership roles. The facts speak for themselves.

    • Kathleen Sullivan

      Kathleen Sullivan

      Only woman whose name is on the door at one of the 200 largest U.S. law firms; former Dean of Stanford Law School; Chair of Appellate Practice.

    • Faith Gay

      Faith Gay

      Co-Chair of National Trial Practice; Co-Chair of White Collar Practice, New York.

    • Sheila Birnbaum

      Sheila Birnbaum

      Co-Chair of Global Product Liability and Mass Torts Practice.

    • Susan Estrich

      Susan Estrich

      First woman president of The Harvard Law Review; Chair of Public Strategy in High Profile Litigation Practice.

    • Jane Byrne

      Jane Byrne

      Co-Chair of Insurance and Reinsurance Practice.

    • Diane Doolittle

      Diane Doolittle

      Co-Chair of National Trial Practice.

    • Rachel Herrick-Kassabian


      Chair of Internet Litigation Practice.

    • Margret Caruso

      Margret Caruso

      Co-Chair of Trademark and Copyright Practice.

    • Sandra Bresnick

      Sandra Bresnick

      Co-Chair of Global Life Sciences Practice.

    • Victoria Maroulis

      Victoria Maroulis

      Managing Partner, Silicon Valley office; Co-Chair of National Life Sciences Practice.

    • Jen Kash

      Jen Kash

      Co-Managing Partner, San Francisco office.

    • Sue Prevezer, QC

      Sue Prevezer, QC

      Co-Managing Partner, London office; Chair of International Trial Practice.

    • Michelle Fox

      Michelle Fox

      Co-Managing Partner, Sydney office.

    • Nadine Herrmann

      Nadine Herrmann

      Managing Partner, Hamburg and Brussels offices; Chair of EU and German Competition Law.

    • Jennifer Barrett


      Co-Chair of National Employment Practice.

    • Jenny Durkan


      Co-Managing Partner, Seattle office; Global Chair of Cyber Security and Data Protection Practice.

    • Danielle Gilmore

      Danielle Gilmore

      Chair of National Insurance Recovery Practice.

    • Randa Osman

      Randa Osman

      Chair of Employment Litigation & Counseling Practice.

    • Debbie Shon

      Debbie Shon

      Chair of International Trade Group.

  • Building


    Partners, associates and summer associates build friendships outside the traditional boundaries of work. Firm events, such as the annual firm hike help break down the conventional barriers and hierarchies that characterize many law firms.

    • Victoria,
      British Columbia
    • Interlaken,
    • Durango,
    • Billings,
    • Taos,
      New Mexico
    • Olympic National Park,
    • Bend,
    • Big Sur,
    • Wind River,
    • Grand Canyon,
    • Zion Canyon,
    • Talkeetna Mountains,
    • Mt. St. Hellens,
    • Dolomites,
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  • Partnership


    Associates are considered when they are seven years out of law school.
    We consistently make more new partners than other large firms.

    • 8
    • 8
    • 10
    • 13
    • 11
    • 9
    • 13

    New Partners Per Year

  • Commitment
    To Diversity:
    Facts Not Promises


    We have been recognized as one of the most diverse major firms in the United States. Five years in a row, The American Lawyer has recognized Quinn Emanuel as one of the "Top Firms for Diversity." The Business Insider also ranked us as the 11th most diverse law firm with respect to LGBT attorneys. California Lawyer ranked us as the fifth most diverse law firm in California, and The American Lawyer ranked us among the top five law firms nationwide with the highest percentage of minority lawyers, and among the top 14 law firms nationwide for diversity. The National Law Journal ranked us sixth most diverse in California and 17th most diverse in the nation.

    Our commitment to diversity not only runs deep, it also runs from the top down. Currently, 44 of our 230 partners are women, and 34 are minority group members. Almost 20% of our lawyers are minority group members (including Asians, African Americans, Indians, Native Americans, Hispanics, and LGBT.)


Each year we attract some of the best and brightest students from America's best law schools. They could go anywhere. Why do they choose us?

Because we really are different.