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Each year we ask
summer associates
to describe their
experiences at the

  • Leonidas Angelakos
    (Harvard ’17) 2016

    Cutting edge legal issues. High stakes cases. Brilliant attorneys. This is what I encountered at Quinn. By day one, I was working on a Supreme Court brief for one of the biggest IP cases in history. By the end of my summer, I had worked on an appellate brief for a hugely important fair use case, helped defend a major tech company from a patent troll, and worked on an expert report in a patent case where over half a billion dollars is on the line. And this is just a small sampling of what I was able to work on. My summer was packed with real work, and culminated with an amazing hike through the volcanic hills of Iceland. Quinn is a firm where young, ambitious litigators can thrive. If you fit the bill, come on over.

  • Caleb Volz
    (Harvard '18) 2016 Los Angeles Summer Associate

    I had an amazing summer at Quinn. I was given the opportunity to do substantive work on a broad range of projects. The informal structure of the firm makes it extremely easy to get exposure to an incredible variety of work. I was surrounded by top notch attorneys working on complicated and high stakes matters. They were friendly and communicative, exactly the sort of people you want to learn from. If you want learn how to litigate, I can't imagine a place that could teach you how to do it better.

  • Christopher Goodnow
    (Harvard ‘17) 2016

    The trust that Quinn places in its summer associates is unparalleled, and the quality and variety of available work is outstanding. Not only did I attend multiple hearings on critical dispositive motions—which is already rare—but I was also an active participant in briefing, mooting and preparing our attorneys in each case. Next, I had the opportunity to fly to Chicago to interview the CEO of one of our highest profile clients, and I was a key member of the four-person team that negotiated privilege and disclosure issues with the Department of Justice. Finally, in a groundbreaking investigation of illegal Chinese steel imports before the International Trade Commission, I was charged with crafting nearly a third of our legal strategy. At the end of the day, whether there were sections of legal briefs to write, reams of discovery to review, or legal issues to grapple with, Quinn demanded that I exercise my independent legal judgment and common sense. My ideas and contributions were treated on par with everyone else’s, no matter which case I was staffed on. No other firm is willing to give its summer associates that freedom.

  • Avi Grunfeld
    (Harvard ‘17) 2016

    I came to Quinn with high expectations, and my summer was even better than what I was hoping for. In my first week, I asked questions in a call with a prospective client. Later in the summer, partners trusted me to write a key motion for a case. I also attended a hearing in New York State Court and a deposition in Washington, D.C., and spent three days backpacking in Iceland. All of the attorneys I worked with were really bright, friendly, and made sure I was learning and making an impact. My summer at Quinn was unforgettable, and I can’t recommend the summer program more highly.

  • Mariah Trisch
    (Georgetown ‘17) 2016

    My summer experience exceeded all my expectations! From day one, I felt like I was part of a team. It started off on a high note when during the first week I sat in on a deposition. I was brought onto the cases and given substantive work to complete such as drafting contentions, researching and presenting case law to the client, reviewing depositions and becoming involved in the process of picking an expert witness. All the partners and associates I worked with were very approachable and definitely embraced the idea of having fun while working hard. I am so excited to return to Quinn!

  • Will Odom
    (Texas ‘16) 2015 Los Angeles Summer Associate

    The entire time I was at Quinn, I felt like I was part of the team getting ready for trial. The partners trusted me to prepare language to be submitted to the court or sent to the client. I felt like all of the work that I did genuinely mattered and helped our clients’ cases. I couldn’t recommend Quinn more to anybody looking for a true hands-on summer experience.

  • Andrew Jones
    (UVA ’16) 2015 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

    During my summer at Quinn I was doing real, substantive work from the first day I walked in the door. Within two weeks of starting, I had a partner present one of my projects directly to one of the firm’s biggest clients…That just doesn’t happen at other firms. It didn’t matter that I was only a summer associate—all that mattered was that I could do the work. If you’re looking for a place where you can hit the ground running, there is nowhere better than Quinn.

  • Ryan Fleisher
    (UC Berkeley ’16) 2015 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

    This summer has been thrilling. Want to be a litigator? Come to Quinn. Real work, great people, and a culture that breeds excellence. You’ll arrive as a wide-eyed 2L; you’ll leave as a future trial lawyer.

  • Leigha Empson
    (Harvard ’17) 2015 New York Summer Associate

    If you want a summer full of substantive and interesting work with brilliant litigators, Quinn is where you want to be.  On day one I was doing research for a copyright case that was incorporated into a brief, and by the end of the summer I was helping partners prepare for oral argument on the case.  My favorite thing about Quinn is that my ideas and work really mattered.  I was given real responsibility and felt like part of the team.

  • Molly Webster
    (Fordham ’16) 2015 New York Summer Associate

    Quinn’s summer program stands far above any other.  Instead of (or in addition to) being charmed by the fancy meals and events, I was completely charmed by the work and the people.  I had the opportunity to work on substantive assignments, including drafting sections of briefs, helping with substantive legal research, and feeling like a true member of a case team.  I know that when I return to Quinn, I will be returning to some of the most fascinating work and supportive coworkers I could imagine.

  • Charlie Straut
    (NYU ’16) 2015 New York Summer Associate

    No, the things you've heard about Quinn aren't too good to be true. It really sunk in for me when I showed up to a moot, thinking I'd just been invited to observe. Next thing I know, the partner is pressing me for extensive feedback, as if it were the most natural thing in the world—and we're talking about a dispositive motion in a major case. No make-work memos here: from day one, my fellow summers and I were relied on for work product that could be shown to a client, used in a deposition or brief. The last eleven weeks gave me a thrilling glimpse of the litigation process, from business development to appeal and everything in between. I couldn't have asked for cooler cases—or colleagues.

  • Hana Bajramovic
    (Yale ‘16) 2015 New York Summer Associate

    I spent most of my summer working on a fascinating fair use case. By August, I'd written legal memos, helped moot the attorney who would be arguing the case, and conducted fact-finding that would eventually make its way into the briefing. I knew I was interested in IP litigation, and working at Quinn gave me real, hands-on experience in that field. But it wasn't all work: we went sailing on the Hudson, saw an opera at Glimmerglass, and even hiked the Dolomites. The summer at Quinn was better than I could have asked for.

  • Chase Burrell
    (UVA ’16) 2015 Washington, D.C. Summer Associate

    I chose to work at Quinn for the summer because I believed that it was where I would receive the most responsibility and be able to work on a wide variety of subjects. My summer here happily proved me correct. I was able to do the type of work not available to summers at other firms or at law schools, often on matters I had never thought of. Most importantly, I saw the effect my work had on the final product. I could not have asked for a better summer, and feel that the experience was vastly superior to my classmates from law school at other firms. In particular, the mock trial program was excellent. It is something that no other summer class gets to do and it demonstrates what the firm is about. The feedback I received over the course of that week was some of the most valuable I received.

  • Michael Bruns
    (UVA '15) 2014 San Francisco Summer Associate

    A summer at Quinn gives an aspiring litigator the depth and the breadth of what practice entails. I followed a case for the entire summer, including litigation strategy meetings, client meetings, and creating substantive work product that was both produced to the court and opposing counsel. Throughout, there were opportunities to work in different areas of law with brilliant attorneys. Only at Quinn will different weeks find you in Alaska, the courtroom, and the all the fun spots in San Francisco.

  • Rebecca Eckert-Fong
    (UCLA ’15) 2014 San Francisco Summer Associate

    I could not have had a better summer.  I had really interesting assignments on a variety of cases, learned new areas of law, and had the opportunity to observe strategy meetings, depositions, and hearings.  One of the best parts of the summer was getting to know the associates and partners.  I had a great time going to events and hanging out with associates after work.  I can’t speak more highly of the people at Quinn.  They are smart, fun, and passionate about their work.   I can’t wait to return next fall!

  • Lauren Hudson
    (Berkeley ’15) 2014 San Francisco Summer Associate

    My summer at Quinn was an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting and substantive projects with a group of very talented lawyers. From writing memos and motions to attending client meetings, hearings, and depositions, I was able to do meaningful work and get a glimpse of what being a trial lawyer is really like. The summer events were also so much fun!

  • Amber Leong
    (Hastings ’15) 2014 San Francisco Summer Associate

    This summer at Quinn  was by far one of the best and most memorable experiences. On any given day, you are surrounded by brilliant lawyers who are staffed on huge, front-page headline cases. Everything from start to finish was a learning experience. From the informal training where partners and associates will swing by your office to grab you for an assignment, deposition, or hearing, to the formal training which took form in the amazing Mock Trial program that was taught by partners, of counsel, and senior associates who all took the time to personally critique and fine-tune our trial skills. Besides being in an office with top litigators on a daily, I was also surrounded by down-to-earth and friendly individuals. Overall, I can’t emphasize enough how great my summer experience with Quinn was.

  • Jonathan Tse
    (UVA ’15) 2014 San Francisco Summer Associate

    I cannot imagine a better summer experience than at Quinn. Coming in, I was interested in getting an accurate picture of working at the firm as an associate, and I cannot wait to come back and continue working with people at Quinn again. I was very impressed by the people at the firm, especially with how well-rounded everybody was. From the beginning of the summer, I was put on a high-profile, high-stakes patent case, where I consistently produced work product that was relied upon by the team. But outside of the office, the official and unofficial activities were truly memorable and we, as a summer class, grew close to the first and second year associates. If you are looking to litigate, there’s no firm like Quinn.

  • Dallas Bullard
    (Berkeley ’15) 2014 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

    There’s a lot of firms that do big cases. There’s a lot of firms that have interesting work. But there is truly no place where you will have the opportunities afforded by Quinn Emanuel. During the summer, you will truly make your own destiny. You can work with whoever you wish on whatever you wish in almost any capacity. The work is great. But most importantly, the people are great.

  • Maissa Chouraki
    (Berkeley ’15) 2014 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

    My summer at Quinn exceeded my expectations. I got to work on exciting cases and got experience with all aspects of litigation: from writing an answer, to drafting a motion for an appeal. More than that, I got to work with brilliant and engaging attorneys who were fun to work with and incredible to learn from. In addition to getting real, substantive experience, I also had a lot of fun. From indoor skydiving, to biking through Napa, to hiking through Alaska (which was, without a doubt, the most beautiful place I have ever been), to spending the day jet skiing and tubing on Lake Berryessa, I can’t even begin to pick a favorite event. It has been an incredible summer, and I cannot recommend Quinn’s summer program enough."

  • Cole Malmberg
    (UVA ’15) 2014 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

    My summer with Quinn Emanuel has been fantastic. Not only did I learn how to litigate by observing and working with smart, talented attorneys, but I was also welcomed to share my thoughts and ideas. For example, another summer associate and I did the bulk of the work in creating a pitch to represent a semiconductor company in a patent infringement case. The associate for whom we were working encouraged us to use our own insight in crafting the presentation. Quinn gives great opportunities to gain experience, while also equipping summer associates with the tools necessary to succeed (i.e. the summer mock trial program). I cannot imagine a better summer experience.

  • Valerie Ramos
    (Berkeley ’15) 2014 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

    I really enjoyed my summer in Quinn’s Silicon Valley office. The attorneys that I worked with are brilliant and down-to-earth. Also, they were willing to give me substantive work and took the time to give me feedback on my assignments.  I was given the opportunity to work on an array of cases, including patent cases, an appellate case, and a consumer protection class settlement.

  • Jesse Bernstein
    (Harvard ’15) 2014 New York Summer Associate

    Quinn Emanuel has a summer program like no other. Partners and associates gave us substantive and challenging work, and integrated us into their teams. The work was always interesting and the people were smart, thoughtful, and courteous. I was amazed by the amount of responsibility I was given over the course of the summer. I second chaired a deposition, wrote the first draft of a motion, and was the sole representative from QE to prepare our expert witness. Not only was the firm willing to provide all of us with opportunities that no other firm in the world would have provided, but it also took a very real interest in our development as lawyers. Nothing made that clearer than the week-long mock trial program. During the mock trial program we practiced all of the elements of trial, from picking a jury to making a closing argument. On the last day of the program we all tried a case in front of an actual jury. There is no other firm I can think of that would bring in actual jurors for a summer associate mock trial program. But, that is because there is no other firm like QE. They want us all to thrive and are willing to do whatever it takes to help us do so. I had an amazing summer, I cannot wait to return, and I recommend QE for anyone who is interested in litigation and wants to actually litigate.

  • Samantha Gillespie
    (NYU ’15) 2014 New York Summer Associate

    There is never a dull day as a QE Summer Associate.  By the end of day one,  I had my first case and was sitting in on a conference call with our adversary.  In the following weeks, I attended depositions, took trips to court, and helped draft motions and pleadings.  Through research assignments, I discovered my interest in areas of the law that I previously had not considered, such as Soft IP.  All that plus sailing, private performances by Broadway stars, trips to Upstate NY and the Hamptons, and many other awesome events.  Thanks QE!

  • Jordan Harap
    (Harvard ’15) 2014 New York Summer Associate

    Quinn delivered on its promise that Summer Associates would get the most substantive work in the most enjoyable work environment. In terms of assignments, it was the best of both worlds: I had the freedom to select the projects that I was interested in, but Quinn also exposed me to completely new areas of law I didn’t know I liked.  On several of my projects, it was just a partner, an associate, and me—allowing me to see what it is really like to be an associate at the firm.  And the culture was as different from “Big Law” as the dress code. To paraphrase a partner who took me out to lunch, where quirkiness would be a liability at other firms, it is an asset at Quinn. The attorneys at Quinn always made me feel like a welcome and wanted member of a team, whether it was while on a call with a client, cross-examining an associate playing an insurance salesmen at mock trial, or doing my very own rendition of Sinead O’Connor at Karaoke.

  • Anthony Marzocca
    (Columbia ’15) 2014 New York Summer Associate

    Quinn Emanuel is a great place to spend the summer.  The only downside is how quickly the weeks go by.  The time flies because you are constantly doing meaningful, useful, and interesting work.  This summer I was able to see an entire trial go from start to finish.  I traveled to Florida to second-chair a deposition, worked with the trial team to prepare for trial, and was able to truly share in the feeling of success when we won.  I enjoyed hearing the questions that I prepared being asked in depositions and used at trial and seeing my research relied upon by the partner during closing arguments.  Realizing that the work that I did this summer really mattered was perhaps the most gratifying part of my time at Quinn.

  • Peter Benson
    (UVA ’15) 2014 Washington, D.C. Summer Associate

    I enjoyed my summer at Quinn, and I would recommend summering here to anybody who wants to litigate. Quinn provides summer associates with the unique combination of a laid back, friendly office atmosphere and substantial responsibility on high stakes litigations. This summer, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of different types of litigation, and I had the opportunity to work on cases at different stages of litigation. Summer associates also participate in a mock trial program that is exciting and effective. I had fun this summer, and I became a better aspiring lawyer.

  • Carolyn Hart
    (Georgetown ’15) 2014 Washington, D.C. Summer Associate

    At Quinn Emanuel this summer, I experienced trial litigation from day one.   I worked in all different practices areas:  from IP to white collar to class actions.  In my first week, I conducted research for a high-profile criminal case involving white-collar violations.  In my third week, I flew to Houston to work with a trial team for a contract arbitration.  Partners and associates always made sure that I had interesting work.  Quinn also likes to keep its summers busy in the evenings too—my favorite summer outing was skeet-shooting.  The firm hike cannot be missed.  The summer mock trial program was a dynamic, whirlwind week—we learned the nuts and bolts of trial advocacy, and then got to argue a case and examine witnesses.  And the relaxed dress code certainly helped during a humid DC summer.

  • Carrie James
    (GWU ’15) 2014 Washington, D.C. Summer Associate

    My summer at Quinn DC exceeded all of my expectations. Aside from working with friendly, smart, and hardworking associates and partners, I was able to work closely on a government contracts case, doing what the associate called the “heavy lifting”: researching, drafting, addressing client questions. In addition, I was put on an international arbitration team and worked on the filing, a sleep-deprived but satisfying experience. Finally, I was also able to work on two high-profile pro bono cases. With each of the projects, the associates I worked provided mentorship on the projects. This summer was incredible, and I would recommend Quinn to anyone interested in litigation.

  • Kat Lanigan
    (Harvard ’16) 2014 Washington, D.C. Summer Associate

    I had an amazing summer at Quinn. I got challenging, substantive assignments, and I learned a lot by being able to do real work. I drafted part of a brief, helped write a complaint, and got to assist at interviews for a white-collar investigation. I loved working with the firm’s attorneys and the other summers, and I can’t imagine a better firm.

  • Matthew Wasserman
    (Berkeley ’15) 2014 Washington, D.C. Summer Associate

    The cliché that you will get substantive experience from day one at Quinn is really true.  Within the first two weeks, I was writing motions in limine for an up-coming arbitration.  This wasn’t busy work or a “make believe” assignment; it was work that was critical to our client’s case and that ended up in front of the judge.  And I was able to see everything play out when the trial team brought me with them to Houston for the arbitration.  This pattern of receiving substantive assignments continued throughout the summer.  More than that, though, were the people I worked alongside.  Everyone was down-to-earth, hard working, and respectful of my ideas.  And we really do get to wear shorts and flip-flops to work.

  • Matthew “Alex” Bergjans
    (Georgetown ’14) 2013 Los Angeles Summer Associate

    I had an incredible summer experience at Quinn Emanuel LA. My friends at other firms were envious when I told them that I assisted in a deposition, drafted part of an argument section in a response to a motion for preliminary injunction, attended a summary judgment hearing on behalf of the vice president of an African country and helped prepare our supplemental brief against the government. I worked on cases for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, DIRECTV, and Colgate. Some of the best trial attorneys in the country took a week to teach my summer class how to run a trial and I put on a mock trial in front of a jury of real people. Most importantly, I worked with smart, accomplished and kind attorneys who took the time to provide guidance and substantive evaluations of my work. I’m happy I made the decision to work at Quinn.

  • Jordan Joske
    (NYU ’14) 2013 Los Angeles Summer Associate

    I remember researching Quinn during the interview process and thinking that (1) it looked like the perfect firm for me and (2) it was too good to be true. Looking back on the past 11 weeks, I am very happy to say that I was completely right on the first count, and just as wrong on the second. Quinn is a fantastic firm for anyone interested in litigating. The work is interesting, the cases are high-stakes and high-profile, and the attorneys are both toweringly impressive on paper and relatable in real life. Quinn has a reputation for being intense (and it certainly is in terms of everyone’s commitment to doing quality work), but I was consistently surprised by how pleasant everyone was. In terms of the summer program itself, I found myself constantly engaged in interesting and rewarding work for big-name clients. In addition to traditional research and writing, I attended a mediation, made a presentation on behalf of Quinn to attorneys from several other firms at a joint defense meeting, and played a substantial role in obtaining immunity for a white collar client. While many of my friends at other firms were assigned “busy work” and artificially constructed summer associate projects, I was doing billable work for real clients. I enjoyed my summer immensely and would definitely recommend Quinn to anyone interested in pursuing a career in litigation.

  • Nithin Kumar
    (Columbia ’14) 2013 Los Angeles Summer Associate

    Over the summer, I participated in everything from depositions to client pitches to elaborate mock trials. I worked under the close supervision of partners and I always felt like a contributing member of the team. At one point, I had the opportunity to help prepare and represent our client in an interview with lawyers and investigators from the Department of Justice. I was the only non-partner on the case and I was thrilled by the responsibility. Above all else, everyone at Quinn was friendly, intelligent and extremely understanding. I could not have asked for a better experience as a summer associate.

  • Zack Schenkkan
    (UCLA ’14) 2013 Los Angeles Summer Associate

    Being at Quinn gave me a chance to practice or observe nearly every aspect of litigation -- filing, motion practice, trial, and appeal. I worked on issues and cases covering an endless number of topics – privileges, removal, securities fraud, trade secrets, price-fixing, products liability and corporate governance. I worked directly for partners on nearly every assignment -- and had lunches or dinners with many, if not most, of them. Considering it lasts less than three months, summer at Quinn is about the best experience that a law student can hope for when taking the first steps in their legal career.