Practice Areas

Domestic U.S. Arbitration

Our arbitration practice has always been one of the cornerstones of our firm.  We have done scores of arbitrations.  Our lawyers not only have broad experience as advocates, but some also have substantial experience as chairs or members of arbitration panels. 

As advocates, many of our arbitration lawyers have decades of experience in arbitrating complex cases in virtually every area of business endeavor, and under virtually all institutional arbitration  rules and domestic laws, as well as ad hoc arbitrations not tied to any institutional rules.

As arbitrators, our lawyers regularly serve on panels in major arbitration proceedings which involve business disputes of all kinds. This gives us invaluable perspectives on how to most effectively present all aspects of a cases to arbitration panels.  Our partners have been and are members of the most prestigious arbitration panels in the U.S., including the Large Complex Case Panels of the AAA, and the Center for Public Resources arbitration panel.

As arbitration scholars, we work hard to stay abreast of—and contribute to—important developments in arbitration.  For example, the head of our arbitration practice, Fred Bennett, serves as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the American Arbitration Association.  We regularly sponsor and present arbitration seminars for clients and arbitration practitioners.

Our Alternative Fee Structures

We also proactively propose alternative fee structures whenever we believe it would be mutually beneficial for us and our clients to do so.  Such structures may include full or partial contingency fee arrangements; flat fees for specific tasks or phases of the arbitration process; success fees for achieving pre-defined results for our clients—as claimants as well as respondents; and hybrid combinations of these fee structures.

See Our Recent Representations

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