Summer Associate Testimonials

Matthew “Alex” Bergjans (Georgetown '14), 2013 Los Angeles Summer Associate

“I had an incredible summer experience at Quinn Emanuel LA. My friends at other firms were envious when I told them that I assisted in a deposition, drafted part of an argument section in a response to a motion for preliminary injunction, attended a summary judgment hearing on behalf of the vice president of an African country and helped prepare our supplemental brief against the government. I worked on cases for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, DIRECTV, and Colgate. Some of the best trial attorneys in the country took a week to teach my summer class how to run a trial and I put on a mock trial in front of a jury of real people. Most importantly, I worked with smart, accomplished and kind attorneys who took the time to provide guidance and substantive evaluations of my work. I’m happy I made the decision to work at Quinn.”

Rebecca Blake (U Penn '14), 2013 Los Angeles Summer Associate

“My experience at Quinn was better than I could have asked for. I had challenging work including researching issues for motions, preparing slideshows for client presentations, and even wrote the first draft of a brief that was filed to the Ninth Circuit for a pro bono case. If you want to be a trial lawyer, there is no better place to be. I was impressed by the experience of the lawyers that led the mock trial program. I was also able to observe hearings, depositions, and a mediation, many of which were led by very junior associates. Lastly, the summer was fun! The firm hike was one of the most challenging, but rewarding experiences I have ever had. It definitely epitomized the unique and hardworking nature of Quinn lawyers.”

Jordan Joske (NYU '14), 2013 Los Angeles Summer Associate

“I remember researching Quinn during the interview process and thinking that (1) it looked like the perfect firm for me and (2) it was too good to be true. Looking back on the past 11 weeks, I am very happy to say that I was completely right on the first count, and just as wrong on the second. Quinn is a fantastic firm for anyone interested in litigating. The work is interesting, the cases are high-stakes and high-profile, and the attorneys are both toweringly impressive on paper and relatable in real life. Quinn has a reputation for being intense (and it certainly is in terms of everyone’s commitment to doing quality work), but I was consistently surprised by how pleasant everyone was. In terms of the summer program itself, I found myself constantly engaged in interesting and rewarding work for big-name clients. In addition to traditional research and writing, I attended a mediation, made a presentation on behalf of Quinn to attorneys from several other firms at a joint defense meeting, and played a substantial role in obtaining immunity for a white collar client. While many of my friends at other firms were assigned “busy work” and artificially constructed summer associate projects, I was doing billable work for real clients. I enjoyed my summer immensely and would definitely recommend Quinn to anyone interested in pursuing a career in litigation.”

Nithin Kumar (Columbia '14), 2013 Los Angeles Summer Associate

“Over the summer, I participated in everything from depositions to client pitches to elaborate mock trials. I worked under the close supervision of partners and I always felt like a contributing member of the team. At one point, I had the opportunity to help prepare and represent our client in an interview with lawyers and investigators from the Department of Justice. I was the only non-partner on the case and I was thrilled by the responsibility. Above all else, everyone at Quinn was friendly, intelligent and extremely understanding. I could not have asked for a better experience as a summer associate.”

Zack Schenkkan (UCLA '14), 2013 Los Angeles Summer Associate

“Being at Quinn gave me a chance to practice or observe nearly every aspect of litigation -- filing, motion practice, trial, and appeal. I worked on issues and cases covering an endless number of topics – privileges, removal, securities fraud, trade secrets, price-fixing, products liability and corporate governance. I worked directly for partners on nearly every assignment -- and had lunches or dinners with many, if not most, of them. Considering it lasts less than three months, summer at Quinn is about the best experience that a law student can hope for when taking the first steps in their legal career.”

Hunter Thomson (Columbia '14), 2013 New York Summer Associate

“When I got an assignment, it wasn’t to keep me occupied – it was because it needed to be done. I researched issues from discovery disputes to whether we had any grounds to file a preliminary injunction to stop a high-profile merger. I got to work on a cross-examination outline for an expert witness for trial, work on a motion with an associate in which he solicited and incorporated my thoughts on how to structure the argument, and draft a motion in limine to exclude an opposing expert witness. Quinn Emanuel lawyers are the best in the business, and watching them in their element was a sight to behold: Kathleen Sullivan arguing (and, of course, winning) an appeal and a QE team at a Frye hearing were among the more memorable parts of the summer. The summer was fantastic, and if you’re interested in litigation, you’d be crazy to go anywhere else.”

David Tassa (Harvard '14), 2013 New York Summer Associate

“Summer at Quinn was the best lesson in litigation I could possibly have had. I was doing substantive, challenging work almost as soon as I got in the door, and I had some of the best lawyers in the world to guide me through it. I worked on huge cases in nearly every practice area; I wrote a memo wrestling with a difficult evidentiary issue in a patent case, helped draft a brief in a products liability case, and researched potential claims in a structured finance case. For someone like me who learns best by doing, Quinn was the perfect fit.”

Owen Roberts (Harvard '14), 2013 New York Summer Associate

“During the first two weeks of my summer, I wrote the first draft of an entire civil complaint and accompanying memo of law, and saw an off-handed comment I made in passing get introduced into one of Kathleen Sullivan’s motions. The rest of the summer matched the start; I prepped witnesses, contributed to petitions for certiorari to the Supreme Court, and learned the ins and outs of the Hague Convention on the Taking of Evidence Abroad. If you actually want to litigate, I can’t see why you’d wait another year to start when Quinn’s summer will get you right in the heart of it from the start.”

Will Sears (Columbia '14), 2013 New York Summer Associate

“I had a great summer at Quinn. I was placed on a team early on and played an important role in an arbitration. I wrote bench memos that went straight to the arbitrator, saw my research used in the arbitration’s opening, and worked directly with the partner in charge of the case formulating legal strategies. I worked in the war room with the client and the rest of the team doing on-the-spot research to address issues that arose during the proceedings. In addition, I worked on a cutting-edge financial fraud case involving the Libor scandal, strategizing directly with the partners running the case on how to tackle complex procedural issues.”

Matthew Fox (NYU '14), 2013 New York Summer Associate

“Real, intellectually challenging work. That's what I hoped for in choosing Quinn, and that’s exactly what I got. Take, for instance, our very first day. Training was done within a few hours, and shortly after lunch we were already working on our first assignments, which for me involved researching what damages were recoverable in an antitrust class action. From that afternoon on, I didn’t feel like a 'summer associate' – I felt like an associate that just happened to start work in the summer. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’d be lying if I said events like the wine tour, week-long mock trial, and end-of-summer karaoke party (my personal favorite) weren’t among the highlights of my Quinn experience.”

Ben Cain (Yale '14), 2013 New York Summer Associate

“Here’s an average afternoon scene for a QE summer associate: You’re sitting at your desk summarizing your morning meeting with a client. You flew solo for the last hour of that, and while you were out, your office-mate started writing a portion of an appellate brief that will be filed within the month. Firm-issued hiking gear is piled in the corner, and an inflatable, remote-controlled shark is keeping watch. A senior associate will stop by soon, and you’ll talk things over while tossing a football in the hallway. Quinn absolutely succeeds at combining a tremendous opportunity for professional growth with an incredibly pleasant work environment.”

Jeremy Feigenbaum (Harvard '14), 2013 New York Summer Associate

“From my first day at Quinn Emanuel NY this summer, I knew my experience would be special, because attorneys would assign us challenging and interesting projects and truly count on us for results. With that kind of responsibility, summer associates thrive at Quinn. I was able to draft first draft portions of briefs, write motions, research fascinating legal research questions, and create cross-examination outlines. I never expected that I could have so much responsibility, or that I would have such a fantastic experience. Even more importantly, partners and associates at Quinn care about our own professional success, giving us advice and becoming colleagues and friends. I felt supported from my first day until the last, and I cannot wait to return.”

Maria Ponomarenko (NYU '14), 2013 New York Summer Associate

“I really enjoyed everything about my summer at Quinn. I researched and wrote research memoranda on a range of issues, from removal and fraudulent joinder to good faith requirements in contract law. I also drafted a number of motions in limine, as well as a portion of an appellate brief. I was far busier – with real, substantive work – than any of my friends at other firms. By far the highlight of my summer was getting an opportunity sit in on several oral argument moots and strategy sessions, and then to attend the arguments themselves. I also got to sit in on a deposition and to see one of our attorneys cross examine a key expert witness at a Frye hearing. Everyone at Quinn, including the senior partners, was approachable and willing to get summers involved with their projects. All I had to do was ask, and if there was work to be done, I was given a chance to chip in.”

Eva Mak (Chicago '14), 2013 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

“This summer has been a phenomenal experience. We did real work: I drafted motions and briefs, attended depositions, and aided trial teams with substantive legal research and analysis. We had real fun: a 21 mile hike through Zion National Park, a scavenger hunt through San Francisco, waterskiing and wakeboarding on Lake Berryessa, a dinner cruise on the majestic Potomac River, and much more. Every attorney I've worked with really took the time to ensure that we were enjoying our time with QE. My summer class has since become some of my closest friends. And I was happy to find that the firm culture really holds strong globally -- in a city full of suits, I'm still able to walk into work with shorts and flip-flops and feel unashamed.”

Margaret Shyr (Northwestern '14), 2013 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

“I don’t think I have adequate words to describe how amazing this summer was. Overall I was incredibly inspired by the genius, teamwork, and spirit of Quinn attorneys. This summer was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I worked on a Quinn trial team, got to watch the actual jury selection and trial, conducted substantial patent portfolio analysis and legal research on real issues, sat in on multiple client calls, and worked on two pitches. Summer was also filled with fun times with Quinn attorneys and fellow summer associates – hiking in Utah, Las Vegas, waterskiing, wine tasting, mock trial in San Francisco, shooting shotguns, to name a few.”

Steven Surachman (Georgetown '14), 2013 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

“I could not imagine a better summer than the one I spent at Quinn in Silicon Valley. Over the months that I was at Quinn, I attended a deposition, attended a trial in the Northern District of California, and worked on some very large cases. Partners and associates alike often went out of their way to provide me interesting, substantive work and to offer me guidance whenever I needed it. The mock trial program was also incredible. Partners and experienced associates led trainings, then I was able to present my case to a mock jury in front of an actual retired judge. For those looking for a place where hard work and hands-on learning are valued, Quinn is the best.”

Joanna Evans (Georgetown '14), 2013 San Francisco Summer Associate

"Hands down, summering at Quinn is the best gig out there. The entire summer I found myself surrounded by brilliant lawyers and wonderful people who were fun to work with and get to know outside of the office. The work I did was interesting, varied, and meaningful – from writing memos and motions to taking notes at client meetings and attending depositions, I never found myself twiddling my thumbs looking for something to do. I am thrilled to be returning next fall!”

Grant Margeson (Texas '14), 2013 San Francisco Summer Associate

“My summer associate experience at Quinn Emanuel could not have been better. From the beginning, I was assigned substantive assignments and got to work closely with partners and associates. From pitches to expert witness direct examinations, I was given the opportunity to do meaningful work – and the impact of that work on the final product. The highlight was spending a week at trial, working closely with the trial team and getting my first trial experience. More than the interesting assignments, I also got a chance to know and befriend associates and partners. Whether it was doing work or at one of the many fun summer events, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the people at QE.”

Clint South (UVA '14), 2013 San Francisco Summer Associate

“In my first week, I helped prepare a witness for an upcoming high-profile patent trial. The work only advanced from there. Trials were always around the corner, so there was plenty of substantive work to go around. The summer was a glimpse into associate life at Quinn, with the added bonus of great lunches and events every week.”

Andrew Stevenson (Stanford '14), 2013 San Francisco Summer Associate

“If you want to learn how to be a litigator, Quinn is definitely the place to spend your summer. My projects spanned the entire scope of a client representation – from helping partners prepare for pitching a new client to conducting research for pre-trial discovery motions to second-chairing a deposition to identifying relevant case law for an appellate brief.”

Wookie Kim (Harvard '14), 2013 Washington, D.C. Summer Associate

“One of the best parts about my Quinn summer was the breadth of matters that I had the chance to work on. One day I’d be working on a high-profile congressional investigation, the next day I’d be drafting part of a brief for a pro bono criminal appeal in the Fourth Circuit, and the next I’d be helping to prepare one of our expert witnesses in Apple v. Samsung for a deposition. This diversity of work meant that I was always on my toes and learning new things. To top things off, I got to work alongside and learn from some truly amazing colleagues!”

Nikolai Krylov (Harvard '15), 2013 Washington, D.C. Summer Associate

“At Quinn, summer associates do real, substantive work. The assignments are exciting, and the people are great. You’ll work on a case one day and hear about it on the radio the next morning. Everyone is working on something interesting and high-profile. If you want to spend your summer doing real work with great attorneys, come to Quinn.”

Andrew Lawrence (Stanford '15), 2013 Washington, D.C. Summer Associate

“Quinn trusts summers like full-time associates – and that means summers get a lot of responsibility from the outset. Few, if any, firms would allow a summer dressed in shorts and a t-shirt to stroll into a senior partner’s office to talk shop on a moment’s notice – and for that partner to incorporate your thoughts into the legal strategy for a case that we read about in newspapers. The work environment is collegial and comfortable, and the work exhilarating. For those interested in litigation, summering at Quinn only energizes you about your future career.”

Rachel Bressi (UCLA ‘13), 2012 Los Angeles Summer Associate

“My work at Quinn LA this summer far surpassed my expectations and my friends' experiences at other firms. I worked directly with partners on several projects. Assignments included researching complex issues of law, drafting an opposition to demurrer, and conducting witness interviews. I turned down interesting work because I was busy with other great projects. For example, I have been the only other attorney working with a very senior partner to sue a pop star and have worked directly with the client, expert, and witnesses, drafted almost every piece of writing, and frequently strategized with the partner.”

Daniel Agius (NYU ‘13), 2012 New York Summer Associate

“I did substantive legal work all summer. I always felt the work I was doing was important and meaningful to the firm and our clients. From the very first day, I wrote legal memoranda on numerous topics. I also made a patent claim chart about some very complex USB technology. But I’d have to say that the highlight of my summer was helping a partner and a senior associate prepare for a deposition. I got to meet with them while we hashed out a strategy for attacking a questionable expert witness. It was just myself, them and another summer associate in the room. They even asked for and listened to some suggestions that I made. It was very cool.”

Felicity Grisham (Berkeley ‘13), 2012 San Francisco Summer Associate

“My Quinn summer experience was, in part, a crash-course in patent litigation. Working with capable and creative associates meant I was given consistently interesting assignments and constructive feedback. It was so satisfying to contribute to litigation in real time, and to see my contributions put to work.”

Kimball Parker (Chicago ‘13), 2012 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

“During my time at Quinn I worked on cases and issues that I could have not worked on anywhere else. I prepared a case assessment for Zynga and attended a client meeting at its headquarters. I helped draft a brief for Google that will hopefully set the precedent for search engine trademark infringement. I drafted economic arguments in a patent injunction case against Apple. I sat in on the Apple v. Samsung trial—the largest litigation in the world currently. The most exciting, important cases in intellectual property law are being tried at Quinn right now, and I’ve had my hand in a number of them. What an experience!”

Kevin Chu (GWU ‘13), 2012 Washington, D.C. Summer Associate

“Summering at QE is the real deal. At QE, you'll do real work, you'll feel like you matter, and if you're into litigation, you'll know you belong. From researching intricate issues to sitting at the front counsel table in a major trial to writing legitimate trial documents to witnessing the best trial lawyers in the country do what they do best, I could not have asked for a more rewarding summer. Add in the incredible summer associate mock trial experience – in which you litigate in front of a real jury while partners and associates expertly assume roles as judges and witnesses – and summering at QE already trumps summering just about anywhere else. Then add in the annual QE firm hike – which is free for summers and introduced me to some of the most breathtaking sceneries I've ever seen – and there's absolutely no question that summering at QE is unparalleled. If you want to learn hands-on what it's like to be an actual associate and have a ton of fun doing it, you'll summer at QE.”

Hila Solomon (Harvard ’14), 2012 Los Angeles Summer Associate

"I had an amazing summer experience at Quinn. I worked on substantive and interesting projects from the very first day of the program. I had a chance to write legal memoranda about an array of topics, including issues that arose under contract, international, entertainment, antitrust, and intellectual property law. I also had the opportunity to write a portion of a brief in opposition to a class certification motion. There was a great mix of long-term and short-term projects, and it was very rewarding to watch a piece of my work fit into the overall litigation puzzle. I was mentored and supervised by some of the most brilliant lawyers in the country, and had the opportunity to watch them in action at mediations and hearings. From start to finish, my summer at Quinn was fascinating, intellectually stimulating, and every bit worth it."

Daniel Koffmann (NYU ‘13), 2012 New York Summer Associate

“At Quinn, the distinction between associates and summer associates is difficult to identify—summers are expected to contribute, not observe. For example, by the end of June I had second-chaired a deposition, drafted a motion in limine, written a cross-examination outline and created presentations used in opening and closing arguments. If you want responsibility, you will get it.”

Katie Brown (UC Berkeley ‘13), 2012 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

“Two things really stand out from my summer at Quinn. The first were my colleagues, Quinn lawyers (and future lawyers) are smart, savvy and a ton of fun. The second was the incredible exposure to all aspects of litigation. During the course of the summer I wrote a memo for a white-collar crime case, drafted a brief for a trademark suit and worked on Apple v. Samsung, the largest patent litigation in the world. Where else could I get that type of exposure and experience?”

Ben Good (Stanford ‘13), 2012 San Francisco Summer Associate

“If you’re looking to do challenging work for brilliant attorneys, Quinn is the place to spend your summer. I had the chance to do substantive work on some of the biggest cases in the Bay Area, to watch some of the country’s most talented lawyers in action, and to trek through the wilderness with John Quinn himself. I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting and rewarding summer.”

Cory Struble (Columbia ‘13), 2012 New York Summer Associate

“On my first day I was assigned to trial teams in three major trademark and copyright disputes and was given an active role in preparing for trial. I helped write pre-trial briefs and tackled cutting-edge legal issues in trial strategy memoranda. My attendance at the client's mock trial was not just to fill a chair; partners wanted my analysis of the jury deliberations. At an important 30(b)(6) deposition of our client, I was busy passing notes to counsel while my summer associate counterpart across the table was there just to watch. At every step of trial prep, I was an active participant. When Quinn Emanuel says it's looking for students who want to take on responsibility early, they mean it. There is no other firm where I could have replicated this experience.”

Sage Vanden Heuvel (Michigan ‘13), 2012 Los Angeles Summer Associate

“This summer I drafted a motion for summary judgment, composed deposition questions, attended hearings, and participated in a strategy meeting with one of the firm’s top clients. No other firm offers this kind of meaningful litigation experience to summer associates. I worked directly with partners on almost all of my cases and found them extremely helpful and supportive. And of course, I also hiked the Canadian Rockies and went surfing in Manhattan Beach. When they extended me an offer at the end of the summer, I accepted on the spot. If you want real work and real adventure, Quinn is the place to be.”

Kelly Cho (Harvard ‘13), 2012 New York Summer Associate

“One of my favorite experiences this summer was watching the first day of Samsung v. Apple ITC proceeding. It was inspiring to listen to opening statements by some of the most renowned patent litigators, especially for such a high profile case. After my return, I helped out with post-hearing briefs for Android companies, and it was great to work with people who were incredibly nice, engaged and tackling issues very complicated and cutting edge – legally and technologically.”

Jae Shin (Georgetown ‘13), 2012 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

“The best part of summering for Quinn was knowing that I was doing important work on real cases. I’ve had attorneys ask me to research issues and draft sections of motions that needed to be filed in 3-4 days. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing a your words and arguments appear in real briefs on key issues in a case! Not to mention that it’s incredibly cool to work on matters for companies like Google, Samsung, and Yahoo!”

Greg Halperin (Harvard ‘14), 2012 Washington, D.C. Summer Associate

“On day three of the summer, I was asked to find a legal basis for reading an ambiguous patent claim in a manner favorable to our client. A few weeks later, I had the opportunity to sit in on the trial at the International Trade Commission; it was then I realized that the interpretive rule I found had become a major part of our trial strategy! From drafting sections of motions in defense of our clients in one of the largest criminal copyright cases ever filed, to working with a small team to pitch a prospective client in a $500 million international arbitration, to writing a memo to a client advising it on whether certain federal regulations applied to its business, I was exposed to a variety of practice areas throughout the summer and always given real responsibility.”

Lily Katz (Northwestern ‘13), 2012 New York Summer Associate

“On day one we received substantive assignments, and that spirit of entrusting us with real responsibility continued through the very last day. Not only did partners and associates alike assign us interesting and meaningful tasks, but they made us feel like we were a valuable part of the team. Time and time again throughout the summer I found myself in meetings, on telephone calls, or working one-on-one with attorneys who challenged me to produce the best results I could and inspired me with their own experience and insight.”

David LeRay (Harvard ‘13), 2012 San Francisco Summer Associate

“I wanted a summer internship where I would delve into the substance of patent litigation and tackle interesting, substantive problems. Quinn Emanuel did not disappoint. I drafted sections of expert reports, developed patent invalidity arguments, and wrote outlines for the direct examination of key witnesses. And much of that work was on high-profile cases discussed by legal, business, and technology commentators around the globe.”

Archith Ramkumar (UVA ‘13), 2012 New York Summer Associate

“The best part about Quinn is that you get in the game right away. One of the most rewarding experiences of my summer was playing a role in one of the biggest cases of the summer that spanned the ITC and the district court. I was able to research important issues that came up during the summer, help write direct and cross-examinations, and review and analyze depositions. A portion of an analysis I did was even included in the official posthearing brief to the ITC that we authored.”

Charlie Stiernberg (Harvard ‘13), 2012 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

“Talented attorneys? Check. Flip-flops? Check. Opportunity to participate in the largest, highest stakes, patent trial of the century? Check. No contrived summer associate projects here—QE puts you to work, real work. I prepped a witness for trial, drafted a direct exam outline, reviewed source code, prepared trial exhibits, and watched the drama unfold live in the courtroom. Opportunity at QE is limited only by your desire for more.”

Lucas Issacharoff (Harvard '14), 2012 New York Summer Associate

“I spent two weeks at the beginning of my summer working with Kathleen Sullivan and two other partners on an oral argument in the Second Circuit. If you want up close and personal experience with incredible attorneys working on major litigation, there’s simply no place like Quinn Emanuel.”

Erika Mayo (Hastings ‘13), 2012 San Francisco Summer Associate

“I can’t say enough good things about my summer at Quinn Emanuel. With trials in process all over the world, there was no shortage of substantive work to go around. Aside from legal and fact research, I drafted declarations, letter requests, and parts of motions to be filed. I also had the chance to attend client meetings and depositions. Associates and partners in the San Francisco office are as approachable as they are brilliant – a great combination for any summer associate who truly wants to learn this business.”

Ian Gore (Harvard ‘13), 2012 New York Summer Associate

“Many firms will promise you that you’ll be doing substantive work during your summer and as a junior associate. However, Quinn definitely makes that promise a reality. Over the course of the summer, I’ve had the chance to work on a motion to dismiss, drafting the complaint in a major case, and draft portions of an appellate brief for a pro bono criminal appeal. You will also find everybody genuinely interested in knowing how your summer is going and helping to ensure you get to work where your interests lie.”

Yoav Simchoni (NYU ‘13), 2012 San Francisco Summer Associate

“Whether it was taking part in a racy white-collar crime defense case, helping with patent litigation upon which the future of an entire company was hinging, or doing some corollary research for what is probably the largest litigation in the world between Samsung and Apple – this summer has been full of excitement. I still can’t believe how open all the partners and associates were to giving me assignments, feedback and guidance. Research, depos, memos, limines, and an inside look at case strategy – they got it all, it’s like a massive litigation hot-dog with all toppings included, bi

Will Rollins (Columbia ‘12), 2011 Los Angeles & San Francisco Summer Associate

“If you’re interested in experiencing as many different facets of high-stakes, complex commercial litigation as possible, then you should summer at Quinn. Not only did I get to draft substantive motions, sections of trial briefs, and attend depositions, I also had the opportunity to watch some of the most renowned trial lawyers in the country do what they do best in front of a jury. For students interested in trial work as a career, Quinn cannot be topped.”

Nicholas Hoy (Yale ‘12), 2011 New York Summer Associate

“By day one I was working on a substantive memo, and by day two I was drafting a motion that was derived from my work on the memo. I’m [also] going to be second chairing a deposition… Most litigation summers I know at other firms haven’t even attended a deposition.”

Joy Odom (UCLA ‘12), 2011 Los Angeles Summer Associate

“Most of my friends summered at large firms, but none of them have had the kinds of opportunities I have had. From being given motions in limine to research and draft, to being allowed to call and talk to a client completely by myself, my summer at Quinn Emanuel was extraordinary. I loved getting to be part of the team. My work and ideas really mattered and made a difference!”

Derek Borchardt (Columbia ‘12), 2011 New York Summer Associate

“My favorite project was working on a small trial. It was just me, one associate, and one partner running the entire thing…I was going to trial to participate, not just observe…How many summer associates at other firms get to say that?…This is one of the reasons I came to Quinn, and the firm did not disappoint my expectations.”

Greg Nolan (Stanford ‘12), 2011 San Francisco Summer Associate

“The other day an associate asked me to write a section of a summary judgment motion for a brief that had to be filed in a couple days. If you want responsibility early on, I can’t imagine a better place to be.”

Eva Markowski (Harvard ‘12), 2011 New York Summer Associate

“Best assignment: writing a Motion to Sever to file in a multi-million dollar products liability dispute. I’m still amazed the partner trusted me enough to do it. Interesting work experience: one-on-one time with some of the most accomplished and important judges in the country at the Southern District and Second Circuit.”

Lauren Hillemann (Northwestern ‘12), 2011 New York Summer Associate

“I got to write a motion to withdraw the reference—a motion to move our case from bankruptcy court to the District Court. The associate I was working with did a great job of explaining the ideas, answering all my questions, and encouraging me in doing something completely new.”

Emily Marr (Michigan ‘11), 2011 New York Summer Associate

“I was able to create exactly the summer experience that I wanted. From my very first day, I was able to select the type of work I wanted to do and was able to work on assignments that interested me. I had the opportunity to work with a variety of great people who not only took the time to get me up to speed on an interesting case, but who also made a point of making me feel like a part of the firm’s community. Everybody I worked with gave me substantive feedback that helped me learn and improve my skills.”

Andrew Brice (Hastings ‘12), 2011 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

“The [summer] mock trial was an amazing experience because we got to handle the full case from start to finish. From developing the trial strategy to delivering the closing arguments, my partner and I had full discretion over how we handled the case. It was really satisfying to watch how the jury responded to our arguments as they came to their decision.”

Jason Lao (NYU ‘12), 2011 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

“One of the most fulfilling parts of the summer for me was seeing a trial being argued in court, researching live issues for the trial, and then seeing my research and writing make it into a motion. QE’s summer program was a great window into what being a practicing attorney here would be like after law school…QE’s lawyers are definitely a different bunch. Listing some of the summer events—skeet shooting with double-barreled shotguns, wakeboarding and water skiing at the lake, a 30-mile hike in 100 degree heat through the desert—all of these activities reflect the sort of attitude and mindset QE lawyers show in their daily work. I loved every minute.”

Julia Choe (Harvard ‘12), 2011 Los Angeles Summer Associate

“We were expected to turn out real work product, which was actually used in ongoing cases. Quinn Emanuel tries to give summer associates a sense of what it’s really like to be an associate—there is no fake work—so I learned a lot about workload management and self-sufficiency, and I was challenged every day. Sometimes balancing work and firm events was tricky, if only because there were so many fun events planned for us!”

Paul Slattery (Yale ‘12), 2011 Los Angeles Summer Associate

“Over the summer, I drafted complete motions, attended settlement negotiations and depositions, and interacted one-on-one with clients. I worked directly for partners, and Quinn's attorneys were remarkably friendly, accessible, and willing to make me part of the team. The firm is truly a place where you can take on as much responsibility as you can handle, and I learned more because of it. I did not fully appreciate how unique Quinn is until I returned to campus. I would recommend it to anyone. It's simultaneously the most professionally rewarding and happiest place to be if you're interested in actual trial work.”

Katie Hudson (Stanford ‘12), 2011 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

“…It was really fun to work directly with a partner and associate in getting an appellate brief out the door. I saw the brief take shape in the weeks leading up to its finish...I [also] sat in on a meeting with the GC of one of our clients and three partners. It was interesting to learn the client’s perspective on the company and litigation, and to see him work with the partners to develop the litigation strategy going forward.”

Marina Olevsky (Columbia ‘12), 2011 New York Summer Associate

“This summer, I was part of a team that investigated a shady notary public in Brighton Beach. I helped entertain an important foreign client, researched Vodka sales, participated in an interview with a Belarusian refugee for an asylum case, and wrote a brief from start to finish in a case where billions of dollars are at stake.”

Nick Leefer (Berkeley ‘12), 2011 Silicon Valley Summer Associate

“I think the best part of working here was that I got to work on high profile cases, and at the same time got to spend time researching difficult, cutting edge issues of law. I really couldn’t have asked for a better summer experience.”