IP litigation is the firm’s biggest practice area.  We protect and exploit the IP for companies that have developed some of the most valuable IP in the world.  Our regular clients include Google, IBM, Qualcomm, SONY, Samsung, Symantec, and Johnson & Johnson. Legal publications rate our IP practice among the top IP in both the US and Germany (where 80% of the EU’s IP cases are filed).  The American Lawyer (2012) named us the “Top IP Litigation Department of the Year,” and The National Law Journal (2014) selected us to its “Intellectual Property Hot List.” Prestigious German legal directory, JUVE, named us "IP Law Firm of the Year" (2012) and "Patent Law Firm of the Year" (2012).

More than 150 of our lawyers have degrees in either hard sciences or engineering.  Thus, we can quickly learn even the most complex technologies.  And, because we try so many cases, we have mastered the art of explaining these often complex technologies to judges and juries that do not have technical backgrounds.  We have won many IP trials representing companies as plaintiff, including what was at the time largest jury verdicts in the history of California and Massachusetts.  We are equally adept at winning trials when our clients are defendants.  Our US practice is national.  We litigate all over the US.  We are one of the few law firms to have obtained multiple defense verdicts in the Eastern District of Texas.

There is an oft repeated phrase:  The world is shrinking.  It certainly is in IP litigation.  IP disputes between major companies almost invariably involve litigations in the US district courts, the ITC and the EU.  Our lawyers work seamlessly with each other in these cross-border disputes coordinating strategy and doing so in the most efficient way possible.  

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