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Quinn Emanuel provides pro bono legal services to individuals and organizations throughout the
world. Here are some examples.

We defended four immigrant families in unlawful detainer actions in San Francisco Superior Court.  We obtained successful dismissals at the summary judgment stage, and later obtained affirmative rulings from the San Francisco Rent Board confirming that our clients are entitled to stay in their rent-controlled apartments, preventing likely emigration. 
Polk I1, LLC v. Ali Ghaleb
We represented Jamere Hall, a federal inmate, in a case involving the cognizability of his § 2255 petition for a revised sentence, which argued that he should no longer be considered a career offender because his predicate offenses were no longer classified as “crimes of violence.” While Mr. Hall’s § 2255 petition was pending, President Obama granted Mr. Hall’s petition for clemency and commuted his 360-month sentence to 210 months.  Quinn Emanuel counseled and represented Mr. Hall during the pendency of his clemency petition, which was submitted by the Federal Public Defender’s Office.
USA v. Hall
After being appointed as pro bono counsel by the New York Legal Assistance Group three days before trial, Quinn Emanuel obtained a victory for clients Ravi Kalra and Sasha Apparel in federal district court in the Southern District of New York.  At trial, Quinn Emanuel exposed that Mr. Kalra and his small business were not wrongdoers, as alleged by plaintiffs, but instead were additional victims of a scheme perpetrated by the other defendants in the case, who misappropriated the identity and good credit of Sasha Apparel to order $2 million worth of jeans from a Chinese company with no intention of paying.
Acco v. Rich Kids
We represented Lamonte Purifoy before the Federal Circuit in appealing a final order by the Merit Systems Protection Board affirming the Agency’s decision to remove Mr. Purifoy from his position over two charges of extended unauthorized absence.  The Federal Circuit issued a unanimous, precedential opinion vacating and remanding a decision of the Merit Systems Protection Board and strengthening the deference owed by the Board to Administrative Judge’s credibility determinations.
Purifoy v. DVA
We represented Danielle Bernard Metz in her commutation petition, along with co-counsel Los Angeles attorney Jerry Mooney of Weston, Garrou & Mooney. On August 30, 2016, President Obama commuted our pro bono client, Danielle Metz’s “life” sentence. After serving almost 24 years (half her life) in federal prison for a non-violent conviction, distribution of cocaine, Danielle will soon be going home. Kenneth Polite, the current United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana, and Ambassador Clint Williamson, who served in 1993 as one of the trial prosecutors, both strongly supported her release.
United States of America v. Danielle Bernard Metz