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What Distinguishes Our Firm


    Most law firms claim to be

  • However, upon close examination they are
    tough to distinguish.

  • Ours is not.

    Whether it is our dress code (there is none), the lack of bureaucracy, or
    the fact that we try many, many more cases than the other firms, our firm
    is different. Here are some of the differences:

  • We Try Cases

    We take cases to trial—and win more than our fair share.

  • Interesting & Challenging Work

    Companies hire us to do their most important and challenging cases. As a result, we do some of the most interesting work around.

  • Flat Organization

    There is little hierarchy among the lawyers at our firm.

  • Homegrown Partners

    In the last five years, 63 of our associates have been promoted to partner—8 were made partner in 2023 so far.

  • Talent Mandatory. Suit Optional.

    No dress code and no "face time" requirements.

  • We Value Talent, Not Seniority

    We are a meritocracy. You are not judged by anything other than the quality of your work.

  • There is No 1st Year Associate Work — There is Only Work

    If you demonstrate you are capable of doing the work that a fifth year lawyer would do at another firm your first year, you will do it.

  • Basic & Advanced Trial Advocacy Courses Taught By Firm Partners Each Year

    We will teach you how to try a case.

  • We are the Fifth Most Profitable Law Firm in the World By Profits Per Equity Partner (The American Lawyer 2020)

    We are financially sound.