Tax authorities around the world have become more aggressive in targeting corporates, multi-nationals and high net worth individuals with claims of tax avoidance and evasion and other tax-related issues.

Contentious areas include:

  • Dawn raids
  • Risk assessment and implementation of strategic measures
  • Corporate offences and criminal issues relating to tax evasion
  • Tax audits and investigations (domestic and cross border)
  • Advice in contemplation of litigation and negotiations with tax authorities 
  • Tax appeals and judicial reviews
  • Tax Treaty disputes and tax-related disputes under Bilateral Investment Treaties  
  • Mediation and arbitration of tax disputes

Dispute resolution and settlement of disputes

Our tax disputes practice has expertise to advise taxpayers, whether corporates and their board of directors or individuals, on strategies to deal with tax authorities, and the management of tax controversies from the outset, through litigation, mediation, arbitration or settlement. We also have top rated advisors in complex tax-related cross border disputes under Tax Treaties and Bilateral Investment Treaties involving tax authorities in multiple jurisdictions.

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