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Summer Associate Testimonials

Each year we ask summer associates to describe their experiences at the firm.

I loved the summer program. Being the only summer associate in the office for 80% of my summer was an incredible experience. Everyone knew that I was the summer, and as such, I was given great assignments and constantly asked if there was anything else that I needed. Rather than being bogged down with a social calendar and trivial assignments, the Quinn summer experience was individualized and was really catered to me. It was an amazing experience and one that I would not trade for any other summer opportunity.
Bear Federman (Berkeley '20) 2019 Los Angeles Summer Associate
As a future lawyer interested in litigation, I knew Quinn was a firm that deserves serious consideration.  I’m glad I was able to join the talented attorneys at Quinn this summer and learn from them how to be a more successful trial litigator.  In my opinion, what sets Quinn apart is its oral advocacy—many great litigation firms will train you to write good briefs or motions, but here young associates are trained and expected to orally advocate for clients.  Quinn’s less-structured summer program provides a breath of fresh air to the “boot camp” alternative and provides summer associates with the opportunity to really see and engage in the work of a  first-year associate.  Not only do Quinn lawyers work hard, they also play hard.  In addition to the firm hike later this summer in Japan, I went on a weekend camping trip with some associates on Catalina Island and made great friendships with some amazing lawyers.  I wholeheartedly recommend Quinn’s summer program to anyone interested in litigation.
Chandler Howell (Harvard ‘18) 2017 Los Angeles Summer Associate
My summer at Quinn taught me a ton about the law, and about how to function as a lawyer in a bustling firm. I worked on fast-moving matters where my research and analysis were relied upon in briefs and strategy meetings. There was simply no time for busywork. Nor was there time for pretentiousness. I never wondered what my colleagues were like outside of the office—they were always themselves, including in their voluminous mass emails. So if you want to do real work with real people, you’ll be really glad you came to Quinn.
Ian Weiss (Penn '18) 2017 New York Summer Associate
My summer at Quinn was a fantastic experience. I received real responsibility from the start. I did meaningful work in connection with a variety of interesting cases, including one of the most important cases in the upcoming Supreme Court term and a heavyweight intellectual property case. I observed great lawyers in action, both inside and outside of the courtroom. By summer’s end, I saw work that I did featured in news reports on television. I imagine many law students cannot say the same.
Dylan Scher (Stanford '18) 2017 New York Summer Associate
When the rest of the legal world thinks of summer associate program they picture a summer of fancy lunches and dinners—but not a bona fide opportunity to develop skills and meaningfully contribute to a case team. Quinn is different. It offers the best of both worlds—an opportunity to socialize with the lawyers at the firm, and meaningfully contribute to a case team. I cannot think of a better mix.
Andrew Kennedy (UVA '19) 2017 Washington, D.C. Summer Associate