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Summer Associate Testimonials

Each year we ask summer associates to describe their experiences at the firm.

Summers at Quinn are given the chance to immediately take on responsibility and make real contributions. I started doing substantive work on an actual case on my first day of the summer, and my writing was included in a motion we filed in my second week. This is completely different from what I’ve heard from friends at other firms. I really enjoyed being an actual member of the team with responsibility and input, rather than just being off to the side doing busy work.
Will Shepherd (Berkeley '21) 2020 Silicon Valley Summer Associate
The Quinn summer experience is frankly undersold. Before I started, I heard about how I would get substantive work experience, but I had no idea the extent to which that would be true. This summer, I’ve worked almost exclusively on client matters. On my third day at the firm, I drafted a memo that was filed in the Second Circuit, and since then, I’ve drafted briefs and portions of memos that have gone directly to clients. Every step of the way, I’ve been treated as a member of the team whose contributions and ideas are valuable.
Teresa Manring (Northwestern School of Law '21) 2020 New York Summer Associate
Quinn delivered on everything they promised during the interview process – really interesting and substantive work; a collegial and fun work environment; and just an overall great, hands-on experience. And Quinn did this all through a virtual summer program, something I admittedly was skeptical was even possible. The firm made me feel like part of the team – I had a great group of mentors (one partner and three associates) and there were fun evening events planned that helped us get to know each other outside of the work context. With respect to the work, there was never any shortage of interesting assignments (and there was certainly never any assignment that was just “busy work”). I very much appreciated ” that the firm really wanted to ensure that I was getting to work on the types of cases in which I had previously expressed interest.
Vanessa Rodriguez (Harvard '21) 2020 Boston Summer Associate
My summer at Quinn was a really great experience that definitely exceeded my (already high) expectations! I helped draft a Federal Circuit brief, worked on a Supreme Court amicus brief, helped with a voting rights case, and contributed research on a wide range of interesting and novel legal issues. Working as part of the Quinn team was truly a pleasure. The attorneys I worked with were —without exception—insightful, driven, highly collaborative, and invested in my success. I really appreciated that the only real barrier to what I could work on was my own capabilities: When I emailed partners with ideas or insights I had they were always receptive, actively considered them, and often incorporated them into our strategy or conveyed them to our clients.
Sasha Boutilier (NYU School of Law '21) 2020 New York Summer Associate
As a Quinn Emanuel Summer Associate, I was treated as a member of the team. Quinn’s program gave me experience in several different areas of litigation and a broad view of the enormous opportunities Quinn offers. I received many substantive and challenging assignments in commercial litigation, antitrust, and criminal law and gained experience conducting legal research, drafting a portion of an appellate brief, and writing memos. The partners and associates I worked with were passionate about their work and were always accessible to provide feedback and answer questions.
Karen Zwickel (NYU School of Law '21) 2020 New York Summer Associate