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Announcement: May 2019: The American Lawyer Announces “Minds Over Matters” Project

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The American Lawyer Announces “Minds Over Matters” Project

On May 13, 2019, The American Lawyer announced Minds Over Matters – a yearlong examination of mental health in the legal profession.  Over the next year, The American Lawyer will host a dedicated space, titled “Minds Over Matters,” on LAW.COM.  The project is a “12-month examination into mental health, stress, addiction and overall well-being in the profession" and "will house articles, analysis, data, expert advice, personal stories of triumph, a resource center, views from our very esteemed mental health advisory board and much more.”  The members of the external Mental Health Advisory Board include: Joanna Litt, Miriam Beezy, Patrick Krill, Joseph Milowic III, Lisa Smith, John Hollway, Mark Goldstein, Brian Cuban and Steven Wall.  According to The American Lawyer, “[t]heir guidance is crucial to the success of this endeavor, and their voices on this issue more broadly will leave a lasting impact on the profession.”

To find more information on the advisory board, visit