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Quinn Emanuel Recognized for “Global Pro Bono Dispute of the Year” 2016 by The American Lawyer


Quinn Emanuel’s work in Morales-Santana v. Lynch was recently recognized at The American Lawyer’s Global Legal Awards, which honored law firms that have played a substantial role in the most distinguished international legal work of the past year. The firm’s achievements in Morales-Santana v. Lynch were selected from a group of more than 200 entries as “Global Pro Bono Dispute of the Year.” On behalf of client Luis Ramon Morales-Santana, Quinn Emanuel won a landmark constitutional ruling by the Second Circuit, which held unconstitutional sections of the Immigration and Nationality Act governing the citizenship rights of children born to unmarried parents that facially discriminated on the basis of gender. The decision has broad implications not only as a matter of constitutional and statutory law, but also for numerous individuals (in the United States and elsewhere) who—like Mr. Morales—are now deemed to be U.S. citizens as a result of the Second Circuit’s decision. After the firm's Second Circuit win, the Supreme Court granted the Solicitor General’s certiorari petition. Quinn Emanuel is therefore representing Mr. Morales-Santana before the Supreme Court this term. Oral argument will be heard on November 9, 2016.