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How Quinn Emanuel Persuaded an E.D. Texas Jury to Award Nothing in a Patent Case

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On April 12, on behalf of client KeyMe, LLC, Quinn Emanuel obtained a complete defense verdict from a jury in a six-patent case in the Eastern District of Texas, before Judge Gilstrap.

KeyMe provides more than 4,000 automated key-duplicating machines throughout the United States using innovative AI and cloud-based technologies. KeyMe's competitor, the Hillman Group, also makes key duplicating machines, albeit using older technology. After KeyMe successfully displaced Hillman from multiple retailers, Hillman asserted six patents against KeyMe, seeking a large running royalty and a permanent injunction.

Over a six-day jury trial, the Quinn trial team of Sean Pak, Dave Nelson, Eric Huang, and Jeff Nardinelli made sure that Hillman walked away with nothing. Quinn presented evidence, including from KeyMe's founder and engineers, that the technology used in KeyMe’s machines differed in fundamental ways from the outdated technology claimed in Hillman’s patents. On cross-examination, Hillman’s witnesses were forced to admit that KeyMe's technology was more sophisticated than Hillman's. After deliberating less than three hours, the jury returned its verdict that KeyMe did not infringe any of the 18 asserted claims, and further invalidated a majority of the asserted claims.

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