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Office Relocation: New York

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Our New York office will be moving to a new location at 295 Fifth Ave. in Manhattan. The new office space spans three floors and covers a total area of 132,000 square feet. We are currently renovating the space and plan to move to our new state-of-the-art offices as soon as construction is complete.
Jennifer Barrett and Andrew Rossman, the co-managing partners of the New York office, have expressed their excitement regarding the move while emphasizing that this decision does not conflict with the company's "work-from-anywhere" policy, which was introduced earlier this year. As Barrett explains, the policy "was never intended to suggest to anyone that we didn't want to have a vibrant in-office culture." They stressed that the New York office has a more "in-office culture" than other locations and that with this new space, they are establishing a work environment that befits the current in-office mentality while also considering the "post-pandemic world."
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