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QE Lawyer Analyzes The Public Order Exception in Newly Published Book

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Dr. Zena Prodromou, Senior Associate in Quinn Emanuel’s Brussels office, published recently “The public order exception in international trade, investment, human rights and commercial disputes".  Parties to international disputes increasingly invoke the need to protect the domestic public order in order to justify actions otherwise in breach of their obligations under international law. The term public order nevertheless remains unclear as do the criteria and factors against which different international dispute bodies assess the parties’ respective claims. Dr. Prodromou’s book is the first to present, systematize and synthesize all relevant jurisprudence in this field of law and provides practical insights to any party wishing to invoke the public order exception in the context of international trade, investment human rights or commercial disputes.

Dr. Prodromou’s monograph has been described as:

“[…] the most comprehensive treatment of public order as it appears in trade integration and/or investment liberalization international contracts. A must-read book for academics and practitioners alike”.
- Petros C. Mavroidis, Edwin B Parker Professor of Law
at Columbia Law School, New York

“[…] one of the leading monographs on the issue of public order as interpreted and applied by the European Court of Human Rights. A must-read for anybody who wishes to assess interferences with human rights and whether or not they can be justified”.
- Prof. Dr. iur. Mark E. Villiger, formerly Judge and Section President
at the European Court of Human Rights

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