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Quinn Emanuel Chairman John Quinn and Partner Bobby Schwartz to Speak at Milken Institute's 2024 Global Conference

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Quinn Emanuel Chairman John Quinn will speak at Milken Institute’s 2024 Global Conference on AI Regulation. The panelists will explore the responsibility associated with the significant power of AI and the necessity of regulation. The role of federal governments or the US Congress versus state attorneys general in legal and enforcement actions is a topic of discussion. Additionally, ensuring ethical, accountable, unbiased, and transparent AI will likely demand industry participation and accountability. The discussion will also consider how the ethical standards of AI will evolve and at what pace, with a focus on benefiting humanity.

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In another panel, Quinn Emanuel Partner Bobby Schwartz will discuss the future of AI. During an invitation only panel discussion, he will examine the imminent transformation of various sectors by AI, including finance, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, healthcare, warfare, and others. The discussion will focus on how the public and private sectors can collaborate to ensure that AI advancements benefit society. It will also address the risks and rewards associated with AI applications and investments, considering market trends and ethical considerations. Leaders in this field will share insights on preparing for a future that is promising yet unpredictable due to AI's impact.

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