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December 2013: Fortinet and Quinn Emanuel Torch Patent Troll

December 2013

The firm was proud to represent Fortinet, Inc., a publicly traded network-security company, in patent litigation against a non-practicing entity, NPS. In litigation pending in federal court in Northern California, NPS targeted Fortinet’s franchise product line, FortiGate firewall products, and sought damages of over $18 million, trebled to over $50 million. The firm succeeded in procuring numerous court orders finding that NPS had engaged in litigation misconduct, including attempts to conceal evidence and making false or misleading statements to the Court. The firm also succeeded in procuring a court order excluding NPS’s damages expert from trial. In the face of those rulings, NPS agreed to abandon its campaign outright. The case was dismissed with prejudice and—as disclosed in Fortinet’s recent SEC filing—Fortinet paid nothing at all to NPS for that result. This was a complete win for Fortinet. It was reported widely by Law360, Courthouse News, TechDirt and Network World.