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Victory on behalf of Silicon Valley Billionaire and VC Tech Titan

May 2022

We represented Silicon Valley billionaire and VC tech titan Michael Goguen as a defendant in a lawsuit seeking $100 million based on Goguen’s alleged interference with a contract between his former lover (Amber Baptiste) and her attorney (Rivers Morrell).  In 2014, Baptiste and Morrell defrauded and extorted Goguen into signing a $40 million “settlement agreement” under threats of destroying his life with terrible lies claiming rape, STD infections, pedophilia, and more.  In 2016, after Goguen refused to make payment on the extorted agreement, Baptiste sued Goguen to collect the $40 million.  In 2019, we obtained a full trial victory on behalf of Goguen against Baptiste, with the court declaring the “settlement agreement” void as procured by fraud and extortion.  Meanwhile, Morrell had also sued Goguen in 2016, though for $100 million, claiming that he legitimately represented Baptiste against Goguen in 2014 and thus was entitled to the $10 million contingency fee (plus $90 million in punitive damages) he would have earned had Baptiste not fired him just before entering into the extorted settlement agreement with Goguen.  In January 2022, the court threw out Morrell’s entire case on a motion for judgment on the pleadings, leaving Goguen’s cross-complaint against Morrell.