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September 2013: Quinn Emanuel Helps Pro Bono Client Obtain Favorable Settlement in Discrimination and Retaliation Case

September 2013

The firm obtained a favorable settlement in a pro bono case alleging racial discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation. Our client complained to her employer that she was being sexually harassed by a co-worker. The employer claimed that it conducted an investigation and concluded that there was no sexual harassment. Shortly thereafter, our client was terminated for alleged misconduct. Our client initially represented herself and filed a complaint of discrimination and harassment with the EEOC. Her charge was initially dismissed, with the EEOC indicating that there was insufficient evidence to show that she was terminated in retaliation for her complaints. She appealed and the dismissal was later reversed. Our client then filed a pro se complaint in state court in New York, and Quinn Emanuel took the case pro bono. Although the employer had strong evidence that the termination was due to our client’s misconduct—leaving a large sum of money unattended while she took a break during her shift—the firm aggressively pursued depositions and other discovery. This aggressive strategy paid off, as Quinn Emanuel was able to negotiate a favorable settlement for the client at the conclusion of depositions.