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Commercial Contracts Governed By English Law: How To Get Out Of Your Obligations, Or Make Sure Your Opponent Keeps To Theirs!

March 30, 2020
Firm Memoranda

The COVID-19 crisis has set in train a cascade of events that will impede, delay or prevent performance of many contracts in the coming months. Businesses are likely to face pressure from many directions: shortages of materials, shortages of staff, limitations on movement of personnel, restrictions on conducting operations, other legislative and administrative actions, and the insolvency of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, to give only what is ultimately likely to be a limited set of examples. Through no fault of their own, many will find themselves in a position where it is impractical to perform some or all of their contractual obligations and where they will be forced to seek, by whatever means they can, temporary or permanent relief from performance.

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